Have you recently felt overwhelmed or stressed? Does it seem like we are living in tough times? If you answered “Yes” to either or both, you are not alone. According to a new survey released by the American Psychological Association, 75% of adults have experienced moderate to high levels of stress in the past month, and almost half reported increased stress over the past year.

Often when we are stressed and overwhelmed, we are feeling out of control. Usually this is because we believe something or someone outside of us is in control or making us feel this way. In believing this we give away our personal power. Every time we say things like “I can’t ______ because of ______” or “It’s not fair.” “Or why is this happening to me? or Why is he/she doing this to me?” We are giving away our power and creating our own ‘tough times’.

This brings to mind one of my favorite quotes: “It is not things themselves that trouble us, but our thoughts about those things” by an 1st century Greek philosopher (Epictetus).  It is really our thoughts about things, people, situations outside of us such as “I can’t believe he’s acting this way”, or ”I can’t believe this is happening to me” that are troubling us. It is our thoughts that are creating the feeling of stress and overwhelm.

The good news is … we can chose differently! We each are capable of changing how we react to someone or something outside of us. Our personal power lies in our ability to choose our thoughts and our reactions. We expand our awareness of ourselves. When we become aware of our thoughtsStanding in Your Power and reactions, we take back our power and no longer feel out of control.

The key is to create a new way of handling stress. That is how life can be calm in tough times … with a new way of behaving and thinking when you are under stress. This can take time, practice and a support system. Often the support of a personal life coach is needed.

These 3 steps will support you to stand in your power. The more you practice these techniques on a regular basis the easier it will be to access them when you are stressed.

  1. Breathe – Your breath is the best tool to help you relax. Count each inhale and exhale for up to a count of 10. Simply placing your awareness on your breath will slow you down, relax the central nervous system and slow down your thoughts. This is the 1st step to choosing to think and react differently to stressful situations. Use your breath as a tool of support.
  2. Slow down and check-in – Take a time out from being so busy and rushing around. Take a two-five minutes to slow down and check-in with yourself. Stop what you are doing. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “How am I feeling right now?” “What might I do to feel more calm?” Be honest with yourself. Practice taking a few minutes each day to purposely slow down and check in with yourself.
  3. Choose calming thoughts – When times seem tough and we feel overwhelmed, we are focusing on what we don’t like. It is our thoughts that cause us to feel stressed. For example, even if our boss, child or spouse says or does something we don’t like, we can choose not to react. Then, we can empower ourselves by asking “Okay, what do I have control over in this moment?” Often the answer might be: “My feelings, my thoughts, my reaction, my body, etc.” Then, choose a calming thought. It could be something like “It is all okay’” Or “I have everything I need within myself” “I am capable”. “Everything is unfolding as it is meant to.” “I chose to act from love” “There is sunshine after the storm.” Choose a thought that works for you. Practice!

By using the above steps you will be on your way to calm even in tough, challenging times. You will be choosing to think and react differently than before. And in doing so you will be learning about yourself and taking your power back. As Eckhart Tolle says in A New Earth, “How you react to people and situations, especially when challenges arise, is the best indictor of how deeply you know yourself.”

Please share your comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Rena Hatch, MS, RYT, is the life coach to busy, self-aware women seeking balance and relaxation. She is a certified yoga teacher and professional life coach.

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Many people have been asking what motivated my husband and me to move to the Oregon Coast. 0430091957

This wonderful question reminded me of what I am often supporting my clients to connect to  … that is …their vision and their authentic values.

What motivated us to move to the coast? Simple answer … It’s been our dream and vision. We’ve had a vision for about 5 years now, of us living by the ocean. Every time we visited the town we now live in (which was about 2-3 times a year) we would say, “Okay, we are going to live here one day!” We both truly believed it. We held the dream in our hearts and vision in our minds. Then, it was as if the ocean, the town, the mountain, called us and pulled us here.


Each time we visited it was as if the vision grew stronger within us. Each visit solidified how much the place was in alignment our values. It was important for us to live closer to nature. We felt a desire to live somewhere that felt quieter, simpler and had a slower pace.

Then there was a change in the housing market and homes at the coast were suddenly much more affordable than ever before. We decide this was a magical message from the universe and an opportunity to manifest our vision. So we acted quickly and followed our inner wisdom. Even when our offers on houses were denied and big stumbling blocks seemed to be in the way. We knew it was meant to be. We just trusted it would all work out and with faith we moved forward one stepping stone at a time.

Because …
“The difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is
whether you are cursing your bruised knee or admiring the view.”
Silent Owl

The energy of the place feels like it reflects who we are now, more than where we had been living before. We have changed and we felt called to move somewhere that honored who we are now. The beach also brings out the kid in each of us!

We moved to a luminous place that reflected back to us our authentic values and contained things that were important to us such as lots of space to be in nature, a small community, a health food store, a fabulous wine bar, a great coffee shop, a book store, an eco-friendly clothing store, and so much more. We fell in love with the beach and mountain and the small friendly town.

Sometimes I wonder did we move here or were we moved by our vision and naturally ended up where we belong right now.
This isn’t the 1st time I’ve followed my vision and values. Listening inward and following my vision is what moved me from Texas to Portland OR; It’s what moved me to open my business, LunaGaia; It’s what moved me to hold Ocean Retreats for women each year http://www.lunagaia.com/oceanretreat.html .

I am moved to empower other women to connect to their inner wisdom, authentic values and vision.

Below are examples of questions I ask my clients. I invite you to consider them for yourself.

What do you love doing?
If you had all the money you needed, how would you spend your time?
What makes you glow?
What fills you up on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).
What is really important to you? Why is it important to you?
What are some tiny, bit size steps you might take to invite more of that into your life?

Connect to your values and follow your vision. I dare you!

Awake Within My Dream

August 20, 2009

My husband, Aaron, and I have realized a 5 year dream by moving to the Oregon Coast! It feels light and surreal to be typing this from my new home looking out my window to evergreen trees and a hazy-sunny-misty day. The fresh smell of the ocean air refreshes me as I reflect on the journey that lead me here. As a light rain begins to fall at the same time the sun attempts to shine through the light clouds, I am reminded of how the sun is always shining no matter if there are clouds or not. The sun glows brilliantly above the clouds.

View of Ocean and Sky on drive into town

View of Ocean and Sky on drive into town

I am so grateful to be living in the center of my dream. To be physically living in a place that fills me up spiritually. The light here is magical. The evergreen trees return me to my childhood and connect me with my inner little girl. I feel like my environment finally reflects who I am and how I feel inside. When I look outside and around me, everywhere I look … out my windows, in my home, in my mirror … I am reflected back to me.
It is this reflection that nourishes me deeply, fully, completely.

Ocean Reflections

Ocean Reflections

I am lighted with bliss from within and this light reflects back to me from without. And, when I am feeling less than blissful and having heavier thoughts, these too are reflected back to me through people, situations and things around me just the same. What a chance for growth, learning and expansion!

Even when I feel emotionally or mentally stretched beyond belief, I feel more easily connected to an inner sweetness and calm. Even as tears fall I hear the affirmation: “All is okay. I am supported, loved and cradled in the loving energy of the universe” whispering to me in the ocean air.

Beach where I love to walk

Beach where I love to walk

The current manifestation of my five year dream allows me to flow into appreciation effortlessly on a daily bases. By practicing Ahimsa (loving-kindness, non-violence, compassion … there are many ways to interpret this Sanskrit word and yoga philosophy) with myself and those around me, my life and my days feel blessed. Even when there seems to be pain or sadness, it is as if I feel more fully in touch with a loving awareness that has blossomed in my heart.

There is so much to do and learn and share yet with the gift of loving awareness I trust it is all unfolding as it is meant to. With gentleness I walk forward in my dream.

A New and Sacred View

May 12, 2009

Beach and Neahkahnie Mountain

Beach and Neahkahnie Mountain

Well, I’ve just recently returned from the Oregon Coast. It’s one of my favorite places! The beauty and power of nature are apparent everywhere. The slower pace and quietness (at least until summer hits) are a comfort to my introspective soul.

During this visit my husband and I finally hiked to the top of Neahkanie Mountain.

We’ve visited dozens of times and always intended to make the hike, yet always seemed to find ourselves at the beach … where we gaze at Neahkanie Mountain in all her sacred magic and beauty.

I am so glad we finally did the hike. It was long and challenging at times … especially at the end where we scrambled over an outcrop of basalt to get the very top! How different is was to be on the mountain instead of just looking at her. What a view from the top!

View atop Neahkahnie!

It is as if my relationship to the beach and the mountain has now shifted.

FawnLily on Neahkahnie

FawnLily on Neahkahnie

Since I’ve had the honor of that new, magnificent perspective I feel differently when I’m on the beach and I hold a deeper, more sacred connection to Neahkanie. Knowing all the beautiful details of her.

It’s makes me think about how different our lives seem when we are willing to take different perspective. When we are caught up in the middle of our daily activities, it can be challenging to see the blessings and opportunities that are right here in front of us.

When working with my fabulous clients, I often invite them to imagine floating up above themselves, as if they were a beautiful butterfly or bird. Try it yourself! From way up here, imagine looking down on your current situation … what do you notice about yourself? As you BE a gentle witness to yourself and your current situation, what new connections do you notice? What stands out as important? As you consider what you want that you have control over, what might you do differently now?

Life is a blessing and each of us brings our own unique perspective. No one perspective is right or the best. Each of us is sacred. We all have something of value to share. As we honor and share our unique gifts, as well as celebrating others’ gifts, we add light and love to the planet!

What new perspective will you honor today?


November 26, 2008

Well, here it is the day before Thanksgiving and I am inspired to write a little note here about gratitude. Hum, how fitting is that?! What inspired me were two gifts … 1) a simple, heart opening email from a friend about what she is grateful for and 2) this beautiful photo from an amazing past client who beautifully expressed her truth about gratitude through this photo. She was grateful to be up early enough to see this magnificent sunrise, which she shared during one of our daily BLISScipline AIM (http://BLISSciplineAIM.com) community calls.

Photo by Deb Wandler

Photo by Deb Wandler, who graciously shared this beautiful photo with me.

This truly represents gratitude to me. The idea that we stop and just appreciate the simple things … what we ‘get’ to do, the simple things that ARE here in our lives, the people, situations and opportunities that are all around us. The more we take a breath and stop for just a second to appreciate ALL that is here, the more we will move into that soft space of appreciation and then relax into that open space of love.

When I received the email and the photo I felt such appreciation. Then I felt love. Love for a dear friend, love for both women who were willing to share their truth, and love for this photo! I experienced a softening and a opening within myself from these two gifts. As Marianne Williamson says in A Return to Love, “The world changes when we change. The world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we chose to love the world.”

How might you appreciate what is in your life today? What are all the things, people, situations, etc. that you are grateful for? How does it feel inside of you when you really let in that gratitude?

Do you find yourself exhausted at the end of your day? Feeling overwhelmed and stressed often? Does your mind seem to race from what you are doing now, to worrying about what you need to do later and then perhaps rehashing what happened yesterday? Well, if so, you are not alone. According to the American Psychological Association (Stress in America 2007, released October 24, 2007) 48% of adults in the US say they are living with more stress now than in the past few years.

What if you could unwind, relax and refresh daily while being more focused? Sounds too good to be true! Yet many studies have shown that mindfulness practice or meditation can do just that. A recent study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania (2007, June 26 Meditate To Concentrate. ScienceDaily.) shows that practicing daily mediation, even in small doses, may improve focus and concentration. This increased focus and ability to be fully present in the moment can easily lead to more relaxation.

Through meditation learning or training we can become more mindful of our thoughts instead of being caught up in them. We can begin to observe our thoughts as they pop up from moment to moment. Through mindfulness practice we become the gentle witness of our thoughts, mind, emotions as they arise. Instead of being dragged along on the not-so-joyful ride, we can stand back and just watch. Eventually we can choose which thoughts we want to follow or believe.

Mindfulness or presence is a practice. Most of us were not taught how to do this (although now more and more schools are teaching this!) but it is very simple in principle. We just stop and take a few minutes to be present. We pause and notice our thoughts or feelings and without judging or ‘being in them’, we just witness. Sounds simple. And, as with most things in life, it IS simple yet it is the actual doing it, implementing it that can be challenging.

Eckhart Tolle, in his book A New Earth, teaches that we can practice becoming aware of how we feel and what we are thinking. If we are feeling bad we can just stop and notice that; become aware of the negativity that is there. Don’t judge it, just notice it. Tolle says, “Before you were the thoughts, emotions, and reactions; now you are the awareness, the conscious Presence that witnesses those states.”

The first step in being present is catching yourself (or your mind, actually) when you drift away from the present moment. You can do this by noticing when you are thinking about the past or the future, for example, thinking about what happened yesterday, or this morning or what you are going to do tomorrow, etc. And, most of the time, most of us are … thinking of the past or the future! We are so use to doing it, we don’t even notice when it happens.

As with any new habit, it takes time and practice to get good at it.

Try this:

· Take a few minutes to just breathe.

· Focus on your breath. Become aware of how your abdomen is moving or your chest is moving. Or count each inhale (one), each exhale (two), etc.

· Feel the air coming in and out through your nostrils.

· Notice what thoughts come into your mind. Just notice them. Then bring the awareness back to your breath.

· Notice how you feel. Notice any emotions. Remember you are the awareness behind your thoughts and emotions.

Most of us have a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment. We run from it. Going to the past or the future. By taking the time to stop and notice your thoughts you are taking the first step toward being present more often. As Tolle says, ”In the moment of seeing, of noticing that your relationship with the Now is dysfunctional, you are present.”

It takes practice. Having a good teacher or some way of supporting yourself can be the key to unlocking the potential in mindfulness practice. Perhaps consider all the ways you might support yourself to being mindfully present. Meditation is a simple way to begin being more present. You can start today by just taking a moment to notice your breath, as in the exercise mentioned above. You don’t have to do it perfectly. It is called practicing mindfulness or practicing meditation. So just start practicing today!

Over the years I’ve found that the most amazing things are revealed when I  spend time with ME! Yes, I really do enjoy spending time with myself. And, I am not talking about a few minutes or hours on a weekend. I am talking about days on end where my only focus is on what I feel like doing and asking myself,  “How do I really want to spend my time right now?” The answers are usually something like …  taking a nap, going on a hike, reading a book, sitting quietly and staring at a tree or the ocean, or writing in my journal.

Each year I schedule time for myself before I host my annual Ocean Retreat for Women.  This year I took a long drive … 9 hours  … luckily the price of gas came down a bit … to my first stop, then 3 more hours to a retreat center in the redwoods of California where I stayed for many days (part of which include a transformational workshop with a wonderful teacher and a brief visit with a dear friend). The long drive back was broken up with a beautiful stop at my sisters place for a few days.

My first stop on the way to the retreat center was at my Grandma’s. She is an important part of my life and we’ve been very close since my childhood. As such a significant person in my life, she provides a very powerful mirror for me to look into and see the WHOLE of my being. By just being around her I became aware of some of my ways of interacting with others …The light and the dark; the beautiful and the ‘not so pretty’. It provided me with fertile soil to dig into over the coming days on my retreat. I returned home with a fresh perspective and clear ideas of how I wanted to move forward in my life.

In taking this time for myself I was reminded of the deep value gained by spending quiet, dedicated time for myself away from all responsibilities and daily tasks.
The value that I have gained from my retreat this year is appreciation of gratitude and connection. The value of true gratitude  … not just on a surface level but a deep feeling of gratitude for my life as it is today, for all that is in my life, all aspects of it. Seeing the beauty and gifts even within the struggles. When I mention connection, I mean to all of life and to my deeper sense of self.

Every year is different, and this year I really feel like what I got overall was a DEEPENING:
A deepening of gratitude.
A deepening of my knowledge of myself and my current struggles.
A deepening of my perspective on my life – where it is now and where I am going. A deepening of my vision for my life.

This deepening for me is a clarity of my vision; clarity of my goals; clarity of my priorities. It is also a feeling deep within my bones. A deep knowing of who I am, right now. And an honesty with myself. That who I am changes. I am dynamic. I change sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes in drastic ways. And I honor myself through it all as I honor my connection to all things.

Through all of this, I am reminded of my vision, years ago, of being called to offer this time to other women … to hold Ocean Retreats for Women.
I am reminded of how deeply this vision and the value of this still holds true today. What an honor it is to share my learning and growth with others and hold the space for others to do their own inner work.

Thank you,
Rena Hatch, MS, RYT
ICF Certified Life Coach

What is Life Coaching?

September 13, 2008

Are you curious about Life Coaching? Wondering, what is it REALLY? The International Coaching Federation states, “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”


Coaching supports you to powerfully live in the present and focus your attention toward the future you REALLY want to create. Erickson College International which provides life coaching programs and certification explains: “A coach encourages and sponsors you towards the ownership of skill-sets that encourage and support you to increase your creativity, productiveness, effectiveness, etc.; whatever it is that makes the difference to you to make the key choices at this stage of your career and your life.”


I see coaching as a transformational conversation where I hold the space for my clients to tap into their inner resources and strengths. I support them to live from a place of confidence where they know their authentic self and share their unique gifts with the world. From this place of confidence they achieve their goals with more ease.

 Effective solution focused coaching supports people to focus on what they want and find creative ways move forward. Yet, many of us are focusing on what we don’t want … and we don’t even know it! Think about how often you spend time worrying, scared, stressed, etc. Most likely you are focusing on what you don’t want to happen or what you don’t like about something or someone.


“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want,” says Esther Hicks in Ask and It is Given. This is about the Law of Attraction … you attract what you spend your time thinking about (over and over and over). Many of us are thinking about and focusing on all the things we don’t like about our lives, our relationships, our jobs, our bodies, etc. And we wonder why the same things keep showing up!

To attract what we do want, we must spend more time focusing on and thinking about what we DO want. Erickson College (http://erickson.edu/) life coaching programs explain that “Solution Focused Coaching moves to free people from negative thought systems. Many individuals are trapped by negative beliefs and held hostage by them.” Imagine what you can achieve once you are free from these negative thought patterns! Seriously, imagine it.

TRY THIS: Think about what you DO want. Have fun! Pretend! Pretend that you have it. Daydream about it … like when you were a kid. Allow yourself to daydream and really get into it. See yourself living your dream! What do you see yourself doing that’s different? What might you hear others saying as they acknowledge what you’ve achieved? How does it feel to be living this? Write down everything you notice. Think about it often. Notice what new opportunities or ideas start to show up.

Focusing on what you want can take practice. For some of us resistance, excuses and other feelings might get in the way of even thinking about what we want. Life coaching can support us in moving through that resistance and transform it into deeper self awareness and understanding.

Life coaching is a powerful ‘advice free zone’ that provides the space for you to discover your true strengths, values and inner wisdom and to live within those strength and values. This can support positive growth and a new way to relate to yourself and others.

A coach will ask you powerful questions to move you through your inner road blocks and question you toward your own new path. Marilyn Atkinson, founder of Erickson College (http://www.erickson.edu) and Rae T. Chois, founder of BLISScipline AIM free LIVE daily mediation (http://www.blissciplineAIM.com), wrote a masterful life coaching book, Step-by-Step System, about the Art and Science of Coaching. They say, “Asking great questions that help people move into their own strengths and access their priorities might be called the front piece or engine of the coaching conversation.”

A coach will NOT offer advice or keep you focused on what went wrong. A credentialed life coach will NOT try to ‘fix’ you. She or he will empower you, through questions, to discover, learn, grow and create more of what you want.

Is coaching something that might benefit you? As a professional life coach I believe everyone can benefit from coaching. It is a co-creative process (you are involved) and you must want to be there and be a participant. Coaching is only effective and appropriate if you show up as a co-creator.

Five questions to ask your self to see if coaching might benefit you:

1. Is there some area of my life that could benefit from a change or a shift?

2. Am I ready for something more in my life (i.e. more abundance, more prosperity, more satisfaction, etc.)?

3. How committed am I to improving myself and my life?

4. What might I let go of to really make room for what I want?

5. How might my own improvement benefit others in my life?

If you answered yes to the 1st two questions and allowed yourself to ponder the last 3 questions … I invite you to explore coaching.

Your next step is to find a coach that fits your needs. The ICF (http://www.coachfederation.org/) has helpful information on credentialed coaches. Interview various coaches. Ask questions. Trust your inner wisdom to choose the successful partnership on your journey toward your magnificent future!


I’ve been very busy and have been in need of some relaxation. Yesterday, as I was practicing some useful relaxation tools, I figured some of you might like to know about them or be reminded of some easy ways to truly unwind.  So I wanted to share …
Here are my top 5 easy relaxation tips that can be done anywhere (almost):
  1. Take conscious, slow, deep breaths. Stop and take a few minutes to just breathe. Feel the air enter your lungs.Expand your low belly with your inhale. Empty the abdomen with your exhale. Perhaps even image the breath going to any area of the body where you feel tension.
  2. Close your eyes. Wherever you are … (unless you are driving!) … take minute to just close your eyes. We are taking in so much visual stimulus everyday every moment. Simply closing your eyes and taking a deep breath can be a welcome relief!
  3. Use the power of your imagination. Image your favorite relaxing location (maybe it’s a beach, a mountain stream, your own bed, etc.) and image yourself there. Allow yourself to really daydream for a few minutes. Take it all in. Your body actually responds to whatever your mind is thinking, even if it is just an imaged experience!
  4. Stretch! Many of us hold a lot of tension in our neck and shoulders. Sit tall. Feel your ears over your shoulders. Gently lift your heart as you pull your shoulders away from your ears. Exhale. Bring your right ear towards your right shoulder. Hold for 3-9 breaths. Inhale to center and repeat on the left side.
  5. Harness the power of your thoughts. Notice what thoughts you are thinking when you are stressed, anxious. Usually we are thinking things like “I don’t have enough time.” “This is so annoying.” “I don’t want to be doing this.” “This is impossible.” These thoughts certainly don’t support us in feeling good or relaxed! Write down a more supportive thought. Perhaps something like, “I have (or can find) everything I need.” “Everything and everyone is supporting me and my growth (or learning, etc).” “As I relax, time expands.” Or something even better for you.
Well, these are just a few of my relaxation tools. I hope you find some helpful ideas or inspiration within them.
And … if you want to learn even more ways to relax consider attending the Ocean Retreat for women  http://www.lunagaia.com/oceanretreat.html
This popular, luxurious retreat has very limited space … and they’re going fast!
More details and info on the retreat at http://www.lunagaia.com/oceanretreat.html

You can survive without food for weeks, without water for days but without oxygen for only minutes! But most of us spend very little time thinking about our breath. As the Oxford University Press reminds us, “In earlier years breathing was synonymous with life itself, for with the ‘last breath’ its absence signified death and departure of the soul.” Similarly, in yoga, the Sanskrit word for breath is prana, which also means life force energy.

When we bring our consciousness to our breath, we slow down and we begin to realize the deeper layers of ourselves, our thoughts and feelings. Did you know that when we are under stress some of us actually hold our breath? Other times, we just breath very shallow. We are unconsciously stopping our life force and causing even more stress in our body. If you start practicing conscious breathing (purposefully focusing on and noticing your breath) your body will relax and the mind will become more focused.

The breath can be more than a bodily function, it can be a powerful stress reduction tool and a trusted friend. It is always there for you. When you give your attention to it, it brings you inward, away from all the external, busy-ness and into the present moment. Throughout the book, Practicing The Power of NOW, Eckhart Tolle suggests using the breath as a tool for coming into the NOW.

Focus on the breath and the mind naturally slows down while the body relaxes. The “monkey mind” becomes less jumpy. Most meditation practice includes some form of breath awareness, since it relaxes the body and focus the mind. Try out the following stress reduction strategies.

Useful tips:

1.Next time you are feeling tense or confused, shift your focus to your breath. Notice how your breath is moving in your body (or not moving, if your holding your breath). Then count each inhale and exhale, silently, “One” on the inhale, “Two” on the exhale, etc.

2. For even deeper relaxation, try counting only the exhales.

3. For more concentration, focus on the space between the breath. The space where the exhale becomes the inhale and the inhale becomes the exhale, etc.

Practicing breath awareness regularly brings an inner peacefulness and deep relaxation. As thoughts slow down, and the mind becomes clear, you may become aware of limiting thoughts to release, you may make space for new thought patterns and you may connect with insight and deep wisdom. “Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is only one you know you have for sure” ~ Oprah Winfrey.