A New and Sacred View

May 12, 2009

Beach and Neahkahnie Mountain

Beach and Neahkahnie Mountain

Well, I’ve just recently returned from the Oregon Coast. It’s one of my favorite places! The beauty and power of nature are apparent everywhere. The slower pace and quietness (at least until summer hits) are a comfort to my introspective soul.

During this visit my husband and I finally hiked to the top of Neahkanie Mountain.

We’ve visited dozens of times and always intended to make the hike, yet always seemed to find ourselves at the beach … where we gaze at Neahkanie Mountain in all her sacred magic and beauty.

I am so glad we finally did the hike. It was long and challenging at times … especially at the end where we scrambled over an outcrop of basalt to get the very top! How different is was to be on the mountain instead of just looking at her. What a view from the top!

View atop Neahkahnie!

It is as if my relationship to the beach and the mountain has now shifted.

FawnLily on Neahkahnie

FawnLily on Neahkahnie

Since I’ve had the honor of that new, magnificent perspective I feel differently when I’m on the beach and I hold a deeper, more sacred connection to Neahkanie. Knowing all the beautiful details of her.

It’s makes me think about how different our lives seem when we are willing to take different perspective. When we are caught up in the middle of our daily activities, it can be challenging to see the blessings and opportunities that are right here in front of us.

When working with my fabulous clients, I often invite them to imagine floating up above themselves, as if they were a beautiful butterfly or bird. Try it yourself! From way up here, imagine looking down on your current situation … what do you notice about yourself? As you BE a gentle witness to yourself and your current situation, what new connections do you notice? What stands out as important? As you consider what you want that you have control over, what might you do differently now?

Life is a blessing and each of us brings our own unique perspective. No one perspective is right or the best. Each of us is sacred. We all have something of value to share. As we honor and share our unique gifts, as well as celebrating others’ gifts, we add light and love to the planet!

What new perspective will you honor today?