Awake Within My Dream

August 20, 2009

My husband, Aaron, and I have realized a 5 year dream by moving to the Oregon Coast! It feels light and surreal to be typing this from my new home looking out my window to evergreen trees and a hazy-sunny-misty day. The fresh smell of the ocean air refreshes me as I reflect on the journey that lead me here. As a light rain begins to fall at the same time the sun attempts to shine through the light clouds, I am reminded of how the sun is always shining no matter if there are clouds or not. The sun glows brilliantly above the clouds.

View of Ocean and Sky on drive into town

View of Ocean and Sky on drive into town

I am so grateful to be living in the center of my dream. To be physically living in a place that fills me up spiritually. The light here is magical. The evergreen trees return me to my childhood and connect me with my inner little girl. I feel like my environment finally reflects who I am and how I feel inside. When I look outside and around me, everywhere I look … out my windows, in my home, in my mirror … I am reflected back to me.
It is this reflection that nourishes me deeply, fully, completely.

Ocean Reflections

Ocean Reflections

I am lighted with bliss from within and this light reflects back to me from without. And, when I am feeling less than blissful and having heavier thoughts, these too are reflected back to me through people, situations and things around me just the same. What a chance for growth, learning and expansion!

Even when I feel emotionally or mentally stretched beyond belief, I feel more easily connected to an inner sweetness and calm. Even as tears fall I hear the affirmation: “All is okay. I am supported, loved and cradled in the loving energy of the universe” whispering to me in the ocean air.

Beach where I love to walk

Beach where I love to walk

The current manifestation of my five year dream allows me to flow into appreciation effortlessly on a daily bases. By practicing Ahimsa (loving-kindness, non-violence, compassion … there are many ways to interpret this Sanskrit word and yoga philosophy) with myself and those around me, my life and my days feel blessed. Even when there seems to be pain or sadness, it is as if I feel more fully in touch with a loving awareness that has blossomed in my heart.

There is so much to do and learn and share yet with the gift of loving awareness I trust it is all unfolding as it is meant to. With gentleness I walk forward in my dream.


One Response to “Awake Within My Dream”

  1. Teresa said

    I am soooo happy for you! My heart sings when I see your pictures and read your words.

    You are one of my Heros Rena, please know that you have impacted my life profoundly – with just your voice…

    all is well

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